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Crazy Rich Asians is shaping up to be one of 2018’s biggest success stories

The movie made $25 million in its second weekend.

A still from Crazy Rich Asians Warner Bros. Pictures

Crazy Rich Asians isn’t going anywhere. Over the weekend, the hit rom-com brought in an estimated $25 million at the domestic box office, taking the top spot and dropping less than 6 percent from its opening weekend.

That small week-over-week decline is considered a good sign that the movie has legs. Movies often have huge drops from their first to second weekend, especially mega-hyped blockbusters that have huge openings. Case in point: Warner Bros., the studio behind Crazy Rich Asians, saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice drop 69 percent from its first to second weekend, and Suicide Squad had a decrease of about 67 percent. Wonder Woman was considered a success because it only dropped 45 percent in its second week. And CNN points out that Disney’s Incredibles 2 dipped about 56 percent between its first and second weekend earlier this summer.

Of course, these are blockbuster superhero movies with giant opening weekends, which create such a high bar that inevitable death drops occur in the second weekend. But though Crazy Rich Asians’ opening take was substantially smaller, its slim second-week swoon, bolstered by great reviews and strong word of mouth, indicates a slow but steady momentum that bodes well for the movie’s continued success.

The movie has now brought in an estimated $76.8 million domestically, more than double the reported $30 million it cost to make the film. That haul will only continue to swell as the film starts its slow rollout in overseas markets: It took in more than $7 million in international box office this weekend — including $1.8 million in Singapore, where much of the film is set, making it the largest opening for a romantic comedy ever in that market.

And now, with confirmation that a sequel is already in development, it’s clear that Crazy Rich’s success story is still being written.