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Recode Daily: Tesla reported its biggest-ever loss, and Elon Musk apologized

Plus, Google is working on a government-censored search engine for China; conspiracy theorist Alex Jones gets another slap on the wrist from a major tech company; buy the unofficial VC uniform — from an airport vending machine.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Chris Saucedo / Getty Images for SXSW

Tesla reported the largest quarterly loss in its history — $717.5 million — revealing that it burned through $430 million in cash over three months. But investors didn’t freak out — Wall Street was expecting worse, and Tesla stock was up more than 10 percent in after-hours trading. On the earnings call, CEO Elon Musk apologized to analysts for his recent erratic behavior and outbursts. [Jackie Wattles / CNN]

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Google is reportedly planning to launch a government-censored search engine in China, which would block websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protest. The move — if implemented, possibly with a local partner — would be a major shift in Google’s China policy. Google pulled its search engine from China in 2010 after it discovered a ”highly sophisticated” attack from the country. [Ryan Gallagher / The Intercept]

In an attempt at creating its first major revenue stream, Facebook’s WhatsApp outlined plans to begin selling advertisements and charging companies a service fee for interacting with customers on its messaging platform. [Deepa Seetharaman / The Wall Street Journal]

Sonos, the smart speaker company, is going public today. In an unexpected but clever twist, the company — led by Sonos Sound Experience Lead Giles Martin and Academy Award-winning sound engineer Chris Jenkins — redesigned the opening bell sound for Nasdaq. [Sonos]

Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones got another slap on the wrist from a major tech company: Facing public outrage, streaming service Spotify removed multiple episodes of Jones’s eponymous podcast for violating its policies around hate speech. Jones has also been suspended from Facebook and Twitter for repeated policy violations. Meanwhile, a conspiracy cult called “QAnonjumped from internet message boards into the crowd at President Trump’s latest “MAGA” rally in Tampa. [Kurt Wagner / Recode]

Perhaps because tech touches every aspect of life and culture now, the New York Times continues to beef up its tech-focused op-eds section, adding Sarah Jeong, a senior writer at The Verge, to its editorial board. Other notable additions to the section include Recode’s Kara Swisher and Uber whistleblower Susan Fowler Rigetti — HuffPost editor in chief Lydia Polgreen calls it “a murderer’s row of talent.” [The New York Times]

Here’s a look inside Masayoshi Son’s secret meetings with the tech founders he picks for his $100 billion Vision Fund. Meanwhile, investors have pumped nearly $1 billion into aerospace startups this year. [Alex Sherman / CNBC]

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