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Knowing why we age could help us learn how to live forever. Do we want to?

Scientists are working to understand and even slow the aging process. We explored the possibilities on our new Netflix show, Explained.

Image from Vox’s new Netflix show, Explained.

Two hundred years ago, no country on earth could expect its population to live past 40. Today, the average life expectancy is about 72 worldwide. Medical and technological developments — like the discovery of germs and the development of vaccines and antibiotics — have made it possible to live longer, healthier lives. Scientists estimate the maximum human life span may be about 120 years.

So why, even in developed countries, do most of us only make it two-thirds of the way there? What is it about old age that makes us so susceptible to disease, injury, and death? If we figure that out, could we live forever — and would we even want to?

Vox tackled these questions on this week’s episode of our Netflix show, Explained. We have new episodes every Wednesday on topics ranging from gene editing to dieting to weed and more. If you like our videos, then you’ll love this show; it’s our most ambitious video project to date.

To watch, search “Explained” on Netflix or go to Click the “My List” button to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

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