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Recode Daily: Zuckerberg speaks — then speaks again

Plus, venerable tech giant IBM rides newer services like cloud and AI to higher revenue; eBay is cutting 300 jobs; and Tiffany & Co’s secret jewelry lab.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about Facebook’s wildest year yet in a wide-ranging interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher, touching on topics from fake news and InfoWars to China to who is responsible for the Russian election meddling on the powerful social media platform he created. (He is!) Zuckerberg also tried to clarify one of his comments about his company’s stance toward Holocaust deniers: “‘I personally find Holocaust denial deeply offensive, and I absolutely didn’t intend to defend the intent of people who deny that.” You can listen to the whole 90-minute conversation — and read along if you like — here. [Kara Swisher / Recode]

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Facebook also said it would begin removing misinformation that could lead to people being physically harmed. The new policy expands Facebook’s rules about what type of false information it will remove; it is largely a response to episodes in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India in which rumors that spread on Facebook led to real-world attacks on ethnic minorities. [Sheera Frenkel / The New York Times]

IBM generated more than half its quarterly revenue from newer services such as cloud computing, security and artificial intelligence, a first for the company as it shifts away from equipment sales and other legacy businesses. IBM’s revenue rose 3.7 percent to $20 billion — up for the third consecutive quarter — giving CEO Ginny Rometty breathing room to execute a turnaround. [Micah Maidenberg / The Wall Street Journal]

BuzzFeed launched a separate standalone site for its news division, in an attempt to separate factual content from social-media-friendly quizzes, GIF-filled listicles and LOLs. News stories will still run on the main homepage, and the BuzzFeed News site will include links to other company content. Reminder: BuzzFeed news boss Ben Smith has floated the idea of spinning out his operation. [Anthony Ha / TechCrunch]

Netflix is creating a comedy-focused radio channel in partnership with SiriusXM. Expected to launch in January, the platform — dubbed Netflix Is a Joke Radio — will give it a new outlet to use its rapidly growing library of comedy content and potentially drive SiriusXM subscribers back to its own service. [Joe Flint / The Wall Street Journal]

E-commerce pioneer eBay has decided to eliminate nearly 300 Bay Area jobs by Friday, including more than 200 at its headquarters in San Jose, Calif. The company, which just beat Wall Street’s second-quarter expectations, is trying to battle rivals Amazon, Google and Alibaba by trimming its workforce and rebranding from an auction center to a place where customers can scout for new products. [George Avalos / San Jose Mercury News]

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