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Annapolis, Maryland, shooting at Capital Gazette offices: what we know

A shooter killed five people in Annapolis, Maryland, on Thursday.

A shooter opened fire at the offices of the Capital Gazette newspaper, killing five people in Annapolis, Maryland, on Thursday.
Jose Luis Magana/AP

A shooting at the offices of the Capital Gazette, a newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, killed five people Thursday, in what police are calling a “targeted attack.”

An individual, a Maryland resident his late 30s, is in custody. He has a long history against the Capital Gazette, previously accusing the news staff there of defamation in a lawsuit that was dismissed.

Here’s what we know about the shooting — and don’t.

What we know

  • The shooting began around 2:35 pm at the Capital Gazette offices, Fox 5 reported.
  • Five people were killed, according to William Krampf, the acting chief of police of Anne Arundel County.
  • The victims were Gerald Fischman, 61; Rob Hiaasen, 59; John McNamara, 56; Rebecca Smith, 34; and Wendi Winters, 65. The New York Times has more information on them.
  • Two people were also hurt, but the injuries were superficial, Krampf said at a Thursday evening press conference.
  • The suspect, who’s in custody, is 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos, the New York Times reported. He was charged with five counts of first-degree murder on Friday.
  • Ramos had sued the Capital Gazette and its staff in the past for defamation (in a lawsuit that was dismissed), and railed against them on social media, according to the Times. Krampf said the shooting was “a targeted attack on the Capital Gazette.”
  • The suspect was armed with a shotgun and carried smoke grenades when he entered the building of the Capital Gazette offices, according to police. “This person was prepared to shoot people,” Krampf said. “His intent was to cause harm.”
  • Phil Davis, a Capital Gazette reporter, tweeted, “A single shooter shot multiple people at my office, some of whom are dead.” He added, “Gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees. Can’t say much more and don’t want to declare anyone dead, but it’s bad.”
Javier Zarracina/Vox
  • The shooting took place at 888 Bestgate Road, where the Capital Gazette and other businesses reside, according to the Baltimore Sun. The building was subsequently evacuated.
  • The Capital Gazette is owned by the Baltimore Sun.
  • Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan responded to the shooting on Twitter: “Absolutely devastated to learn of this tragedy in Annapolis. I am in contact with County Executive Steve Schuh, and @MDSP is on the scene assisting @AACOPD. Please, heed all warnings and stay away from the area. Praying for those at the scene and for our community.”
  • President Donald Trump also responded on Twitter: “Prior to departing Wisconsin, I was briefed on the shooting at Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Thank you to all of the First Responders who are currently on the scene.”
  • The Capital Gazette still put out a newspaper, despite the shooting.

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