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Recode Daily: Amazon delivery vans are about to become a familiar sight

Plus, former Fox News exec is the new White House communications director; Apple and Samsung settle their seven-year beef; the only Fortnite explainer you need.

Grand Opening Of Amazon Fulfillment Center Features State Of The Art Technology Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Amazon claims it doesn’t want to take on UPS and FedEx. So why is it introducing tons of its own Amazon delivery vans? The e-commerce giant is unveiling a program meant to fuel the creation of hundreds of new package-delivery businesses that can help Amazon handle its fast growth. The program will offer partners access to Amazon-branded delivery vans and uniforms, discounts on fuel and insurance to delivery vans, plus coaching and an app to guide delivery people. Amazon claims that new partners can start up their business for as little as $10,000. [Jason Del Rey / Recode]

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Justice Anthony Kennedy, the swing vote in the U.S. Supreme Court for years, announced his retirement. His exit at age 81 will allow President Trump to nominate a second Supreme Court justice, and to replace a pivotal vote with someone more conservative; here’s a list of front-runners and potential nominees. [Robert Barnes / The Washington Post]

Longtime former Fox News executive Bill Shine has reportedly accepted the job of White House communications director, which has been vacant since Hope Hicks left in March. Shine, who was close to Roger Ailes, the network’s ousted chairman — and was himself forced out as co-president at Fox last May for his handling of sexual harassment scandals at the network — is also very close with Fox News primetime star Sean Hannity, a close Trump ally. [John Santucci, Jonathan Karl and Katherine Faulders / ABC News]

The U.S. Justice Department approved Disney’s $71 billion bid for 21st Century Fox’s assets, on the condition that Disney divest Fox’s 22 regional sports networks. The approval allows Disney to absorb Fox’s movie and television studio, as well as its stake in video streaming service Hulu. The decision may complicate Comcast’s rival offer. [Cecilia Kang and Edmund Lee / The New York Times]

Apple and Samsung settled a seven-year patent fight over allegations that Samsung violated Apple’s patents by copying the iPhone design. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, although Samsung previously paid Apple $399 million to compensate for patent infringement. [Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had a rare private dinner with conservative leaders to assuage their complaints of liberal bias in the tech industry.Dorsey heard an earful from Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity and others, who told him that the tech industry’s efforts to improve diversity — after years of criticism for maintaining a largely white, male workforce — should also focus on hiring engineers with more diverse political viewpoints. Earlier this month, Facebook sent company leaders to the RNC to address complaints of bias levied by party leaders and the Trump campaign. [Tony Romm / The Washington Post]

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