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Some big Silicon Valley names are throwing money around ahead of next week’s mayoral election in San Francisco

Evan Williams, the Conways and Chris Larsen are some of the biggest donors from tech land.

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams
Twitter co-founder Evan Williams has backed London Breed for mayor of San Francisco.
Mike Windle / Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Next week’s mayoral race in San Francisco is another opportunity for the city to reveal how comfortable it is with its growing tech footprint — which, in the eyes of some, comes at the detriment of the city’s diversity and cost of living.

And some of Silicon Valley’s heaviest hitters are trying to influence the race and make sure that the city remains friendly to their industry. The June 5 election to succeed Mayor Ed Lee, who was well liked by major tech players, is largely a battle among three candidates: London Breed, Jane Kim and Mark Leno.

Breed has won financial support from at least some of the recognizable names in tech. While donors cannot give more than $500 directly to the campaigns, they can donate to allied super PACs that can accept checks of unlimited size.

Here are some of the biggest donors from tech land, according to campaign finance records:

Gayle Conway: $200,500

The wife of venture capitalist — and Democratic power broker — Ron Conway gave all her money to a committee that has attacked Kim and is supporting Breed. Conway’s money went to San Franciscans Against Domestic Violence, which aired a controversial ad alleging that Kim politically supported a government official accused of domestic violence. Kim has tried to turn the Conways’ influence into a campaign issue.

Evan Williams: $100,000

The Twitter co-founder (and former CEO) has given his cash to a pair of super PACs supporting Breed. Williams, now the CEO of the publishing platform Medium, has an estimated net worth of $2 billion.

Chris Larsen: $49,000

Another major supporter of Breed is Larsen, the founder of the cryptocurrency company Ripple. Larsen cut his check earlier this month during what has been an incredible year of wealth creation as the crypto economy boomed. At one point, Larsen was estimated to have a net worth of nearly $60 billion (on paper, at least).

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