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Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Mike Schroepfer are coming to Code (to explain it all for us)

You might imagine we have a lot of questions for the COO and CTO of the social media giant after its tumultuous year.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Let’s keep this short and sweet (until the interview, that is!): Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg and CTO Mike Schroepfer will be interviewed onstage at the 2018 Code Conference later this month.

There is obviously a lot to talk about with Sandberg, who oversees the Silicon Valley social media giant’s business operations, and Schroepfer, who leads tech strategies there, about its tumultuous year.

Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer

Among the many topics that we hope to pursue: Concrete specifics about its failure to police its vast platform; privacy concerns; worries about tech addiction; the fallout from the data scandal around Cambridge Analytica; fake news; Facebook’s impact on elections worldwide; CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s promise at Congressional hearings to take a broader responsibility for its actions; tech’s overall responsibility or lack thereof; increasing political and regulatory pressure globally; and the company’s recent executive shuffle.

And did we mention the Russians? Nyet? Okay, we also want to talk about how that government used and abused the Facebook ecosystem.

As you might imagine, we are a little more up to speed on this stuff than all those politicians in D.C., so it should be a riveting session, and it’s laudable that top execs from Facebook have agreed to come and answer our many questions.

It all takes place May 30 to June 1 in Southern California. You can see our speaker lineup of leaders from the tech world, the media world and beyond here; there’s more to come.

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