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‘Mark Zuckerberg’ preps for Congress by visiting ‘Saturday Night Live’

“No backsies.”

“Saturday Night Live” actor Alex Moffat portraying Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on “SNL’s” Weekend Update news segment
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Mark Zuckerberg is cramming for his Congressional finals.

The Facebook CEO has multiple hearings before the Senate and House starting Tuesday, and he’s taking them so seriously that he’s going to wear a suit and tie, the New York Times reports.

He’s also taking “a crash course in humility and charm,” taught by a Washington law firm, a squad of outside consultants and Facebook’s internal PR apparatus, which employs 500 (!) people.

They’re coaching him to “answer lawmakers’ questions directly, and not to appear overly defensive,” per the Times. “Their goal is to make Mr. Zuckerberg appear as humble, agreeable and as forthright as possible.”

Sounds like an agreeable plan. Also sounds like Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have a lot of down time, so he may not have had time to watch “Mark Zuckerberg” visit the set of “Saturday Night Live” last night.

But you have two minutes and fifty seconds:

That’s Alex Moffat as Zuckerberg, by the way. I looked but couldn’t find any other times Moffat has played Zuckerberg on the show.

If you’re a member of the enormous Facebook PR team, you are hoping that Zuckerberg’s Congressional visit is boring enough that Moffat doesn’t reprise the role next weekend.

Speaking of the “SNL” archives:

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