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Amazon’s stock always recovers after a Trump tweet makes it fall

In the past year, Amazon’s average daily price change has been about 0.3 percent.

President Trump Calls Prime Minister Of Ireland From Oval Office Alex Wong/Getty Images

Today, President Trump again took to Twitter to accuse Amazon of paying “little or no taxes.” His tweet sent the stock down about 4 percent this morning as investors feared Trump could raise taxes on the e-commerce company or try to break it apart.

But, just a few hours later, the stock has recovered and is up about 1 percent today. In fact, that’s the recurring theme to any Trump-induced stock plunge for Amazon. After it falls, it always recovers, either within a few hours, or up to a month at the longest count.

In the past year, Amazon’s average daily price change has been about 0.3 percent, according to FactSet, so sending the stock down several percentage points is a big drop. However, the fall is usually short-lived, like today:

march 29 trump tweet amazon

As you can see, after this morning’s tweet, Amazon stock came back up to pre-tweet levels at around 1:30 pm ET.

(Yesterday, there was another Trump-induced Amazon stock plunge after a news report outlined his obsession with reining in Amazon. That sent the stock down about 5 percent, but, technically, that wasn’t a tweet.)

Below is a look at some of Trump’s other tweets about Amazon and how the stock has behaved in their wake. It’s important to note that there are lots of other things going on in the world besides Trump’s tweets that could affect the stock, but the president certainly has an impact.

December 29 2017 Trump tweet
August 16 2017 Trump amazon tweet
July 24 2017 trump tweets about amazon
June 28 2017 trump tweets amazon

In general, these tweets seem to have no lasting effect on Amazon’s stock price. In the last 12 months, the stock has climbed 67 percent:

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