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Recode Daily: Tim Cook talks Facebook, data privacy, domestic manufacturing and tech in education

Plus, tech stocks droop for a bunch of reasons — including Trump’s “obsession” with Amazon; and an entrepreneurial magazine for teenage girls.

Apple CEO Tim Cook onstage with Kara Swisher and Chris Hayes at Recode-MSNBC “Revolution” event in Chicago MSNBC

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down for a rare public interview yesterday, talking with Recode Executive Editor Kara Swisher and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for a town-hall-like public forum at a Chicago public high school. Pressed on domestic manufacturing of Apple’s top product, Cook explained that “it’s not true” that iPhones aren’t built in the U.S. Yes, the units are assembled in China, but the iPhone’s display glass comes from Kentucky, the FaceID module on the iPhone X is built in Texas, and plants are going up around the country. “Revolution: Apple Changing the World” is scheduled to premiere on MSNBC next Friday, April 6, at 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT. [Dan Frommer / Recode]

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Tim Cook also criticized Facebook for its handling of the Cambridge Analytica affair, and doubled down on his call for regulation that would limit Facebook and other companies’ ability to use customer data. Yesterday, Facebook introduced new privacy measures and tools to make it easier for users to see all the personal data it collects about them. Facebook is also cleaning up its data practices, starting with not using data from third-party data aggregators like Experian and Acxiom. [Peter Kafka / Recode]

Wall Street hammered tech stocks, including Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, Facebook, Google and Twitter. Tesla, for instance, plummeted 15 percent after the National Transportation Safety Board said it was investigating a March 23 fatal crash in California. Amazon stock fell 5 percent after a report said that President Trump is “obsessed” with the company, and has a “deep-seated antipathy” toward it. And Facebook stock is at an eight-month low after the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal. [Rani Molla / Recode]

There’s suddenly a lot of movement by key executives in the self-driving space. The co-founder of self-driving trucking startup Otto has left Uber — Lior Ron headed the business development side of Uber’s trucking business and was a central figure in Alphabet’s recently settle lawsuit against Uber. And the CTO of GM’s self-driving car company, Cruise, has left after six months. When he worked at Uber, AG Gangadhar had been criticized by whistleblower engineer Susan Fowler for allegedly fostering a work environment that was inhospitable to women. [Johana Bhuiyan / Recode]

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