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How to watch today’s Apple education event live

It’s back to liveblogs, like in old times.

Apple CEO Tim Cook outside the Chicago flagship Apple store Scott Olson / Getty

Apple is staging an education-themed product keynote today in Chicago, starting at 10 am CT, which is 11 am ET and 8 am PT. Here’s what to expect.

Unlike most of its events over the past few years, Apple is not advertising a livestream on its website. This suggests you’ll need to follow along like in old times — using liveblogs.

Recode is covering the event live here. Also, refresh our Apple section for the latest articles and follow along on Twitter at @Recode for curated play by play.

Our sister site, The Verge, will also be covering the event live here. They usually have the best real-time photos, which is always nice.

And Six Colors, the excellent Apple-focused site by former Macworld editor Jason Snell, promises live coverage on its trusty @SixColorsEvent Twitter feed.

That’s a good start. We’ll add more resources here as we find them.

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