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Best of Nextdoor is the best account you’re not following on Twitter

When neighbors start talking, funny things happen.

A Nextdoor post that reads, “All I want is to go out with a big group of people and look so cool that this happens: Today’s trending post: Group of young people up to no good.” @BestofNextdoor

Need a break from all the drama on social media? Well, have you tried ... more drama?

@BestofNextdoor is a novelty Twitter account that shares screenshots from Nextdoor, the “hyperlocal” social network that lets neighbors connect with each other online. While connecting may be a good idea in theory, Nextdoor has gained a reputation as a site where you can sometimes learn a bit too much about the people on your block.

As with every social network, Nextdoor’s users sometimes say stuff that is actually problematic; the site has long struggled with how to police racism. But Best of Nextdoor skips past that troubling facet and just serves up funny tweet after funny tweet. In the few days I’ve been following the account on Twitter, it has quickly turned into a favorite.

All the tweets are supposedly culled from real posts, although users’ names are redacted. Sometimes the appeal is just weird stuff that has happened:

Or humdrum misunderstandings that get blown way out of proportion:

Sometimes it’s comically blunt animosity among neighbors:

For my taste, though, the best of the Best of Nextdoor are the posts with no fighting, no passive aggression and no threats to call the police. The funniest posts are the ones that let us briefly think like someone else, as in the case of “Re: What’s up with this new screaming bird?”

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