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Index has hired CapitalG VC Sarah Cannon

Every time a woman becomes a partner at a VC firm, an angel investor gets her wings.

Investor Sarah Cannon sits for a photo at a meeting room table.
Sarah Cannon
Jana Asenbrennerova

Index Ventures has hired Sarah Cannon, who has been a principal at Alphabet’s growth equity fund CapitalG. She is the venture firm’s first woman partner in the U.S. and will start in mid-May.

In an interview, Cannon said that she would aim at a wider range of investments in areas from consumer to cloud to enterprise after having focused on largely late-stage investments.

Along with cloud productivity tech, she also said she was interested in blockchain, artificial intelligence and urban transport.

A graduate of the Harvard Business School and also its Kennedy School of Government, Cannon has been with CapitalG for four years. There, she invested in such companies as Looker, Oscar and

She said she wanted to focus even more globally — unlike a lot of Silicon Valley VCs, Index has a robust business in Europe, for example. “I found the partners to be intellectually curious and they encourage independent thinking,” said Cannon. “It was a great cultural fit.”

Index partner Mike Volpi said the firm has long wanted to expand, but has been slow to hire. “Venture capital is a tricky profession as it require both strong intelligence but also a nice human touch,” he said. “It is rare you find someone who excels at both attributes as Sarah does.”

Index has a total of $1.2 billion under active management in a number of funds.

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