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Recode Daily: Intel may join the Broadcom-Qualcomm fight

Plus, inside Facebook’s massive bet on an AR future; inside Reddit and the conservative Meredith Corporation; and the Museum of Failure is a hit.

Intel Corp. CEO Brian Krzanich displays a 49-qubit chip as he delivers a keynote address at CES 2018 in Las Vegas on Jan. 8, 2018
Intel Corp. CEO Brian Krzanich displays a 49-qubit chip as he delivers a keynote address at CES 2018 in Las Vegas on Jan. 8, 2018
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Silicon Valley chipmaker Intel understandably sees the potential merger of rival chipmakers Broadcom and Qualcomm as an urgent existential threat. But rather than going to the Feds to try and scuttle a deal that would create a much larger competitor, Intel is reportedly “working with advisors” (a.k.a. investment bankers) on a countermove in the fight for its future — to acquire Broadcom, which some analysts think is “suicidal.” [Jean-Louis Gassée / Monday Note]

Make time for this immersive history of Facebook’s massive bet on an augmented reality future, starting with Mark Zuckerberg’s first taste of the pioneering Oculus Rift VR headset in 2014 — which led to a $2 billion acquisition — and leading up to the current four-way race for mass adoption. Meanwhile, a poll found that 58 percent of Americans see AI, robotics and automation as bigger threats to jobs than immigration and offshoring over the next decade. [Kathleen Chaykowski / Forbes]

The New Yorker takes a long, hard look at Reddit, the fourth-most-popular site on the internet and a breeding ground for hate speech and trolling. The magazine had unprecedented access when Reddit employees initiated a sweeping policy update to cut down on communities dedicated to hate, violence and illegal activity. They banned 109 subreddits — and the pushback began almost immediately. [Andrew Marantz / The New Yorker]

Here’s a rare look inside the Meredith Corporation, which last year became the largest magazine publisher in America when it acquired Time Inc. for $2.8 billion with an infusion of cash from the politically conservative Koch brothers. The Iowa-based company, which has avoided a lot of the upheaval that has roiled coastal publishers, owns 17 television stations and 50 websites to go with its magazines. [Sydney Ember / The New York Times]

We need a universal definition of blockchain. You’re hearing the word everywhere, but it may not mean what you think it means. [Adrienne Jeffries / The Verge]

Recode and parent site Vox Media hosted the in-crowds at the SXSW multimedia festival over the weekend; here’s a roundup of highlights from Austin, Texas, including panels, weird gadgets, movies and immersive experiences. And you can still watch Kara Swisher’s onstage interviews with Maria Shriver and her daughter Christina Schwarzenegger about their new Netflix documentary. Swisher also interviewed psychotherapist Esther Perel, chef José Andrés and former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. Watch Peter Kafka’s interview with “Get Out” movie producer Jason Blum and Recode Editor in Chief Dan Frommer‘s chat with baking wiz and Milk Bar CEO Christina Tosi. You can also check out’s editor-at-large Ezra Klein’s talk with philanthropist Melinda Gates.

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This is cool

The Museum of Failure is a hit.

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