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Twitter is finally rolling out a ‘save for later’ feature called Bookmarks

It’s been one of the most popular Twitter product requests for years.

New England Patriots football coach Bill Belichick gives a thumbs up. Patrick Smith / Getty


Twitter is rolling out a new feature that lets users save tweets in a private section of the app so they’re easy to find later on. The new feature, called Bookmarks, should let users easily save articles they want to read or videos they want to watch but might not have time for in the moment.

A GIF of Twitter’s new bookmarks feature. Twitter

It has been a popular feature request for years — and not just from those of us at Recode. Twitter first announced last fall that it was building Bookmarks, and now it’s finally arriving to users.

People have used workarounds to save tweets for a long time, including hearting/”Liking” tweets to make them easier to find later, or sending them to themselves via email or direct message. Both options were inefficient.

In the scheme of things, Bookmarks is a small change. It’s not the kind of feature that’s going to have a notable impact on Twitter’s user growth or revenue. It’s not going to help with Twitter’s abuse problems. It’s just a simple way to make Twitter better.

Bookmarks will begin rolling out to users on Wednesday and should be available to everyone in the next day or so, according to a company spokesperson.

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