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Here’s video of Shaquille O’Neal wearing Magic Leap’s new AR glasses

Yes, that Shaq.

Former NBA basketball player Shaquille O’Neal wearing Magic Leap augmented reality glasses. Magic Leap

Here’s something you might like: A video of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal wearing Magic Leap’s not-yet-released augmented reality glasses.

Whatever Shaq saw inside the glasses impressed him. “I watched a basketball game right here,” he says, pointing to a table. “It was the most amazing thing.”

Of course, we couldn’t actually see much of what Shaq saw — no one, it seems, can really talk about Magic Leap or what the technology is like. That includes NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who was onstage with Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz Tuesday to announce a new partnership. Apparently Silver signed an NDA!

But Shaq, who works as an on-air analyst for Turner, another NBA partner, painted a picture for us. When Shaq saw himself as a 3-D avatar inside Magic Leap, he fell in love. “When I saw it, it made me feel like I had a twin brother,” he said. “I put these glasses on and I saw the most beautiful, tall, black guy I’ve ever seen in my life and was like, ‘oh that’s me.’”

Nice. Here’s the full video:

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