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The New York Times’ hit podcast The Daily is coming to radio in April

The NYT is teaming up with American Public Media, which currently reaches 20 million terrestrial radio listeners.

The Daily host Michael Barbaro Adam Tow for Recode

The New York Times podcasting hit The Daily will soon be a radio program, too.

Beginning in April, the publisher plans to create a specialized version of the show for American Public Media, the nonprofit that distributes Marketplace and BBC World Service, potentially reaching more than 20 million listeners. Executive producer Lisa Tobin made the announcement at the Code Media Conference in Huntington Beach, Calif.

The Daily, which the Times started in 2017, became a bona fide podcasting hit. Hosted by Michael Barbaro, the show has been downloaded more than 200 million times in under a year. Onstage, Tobin said it reaches 4.5 million unique listeners every month.

The radio version will also be hosted by Barbaro and will be edited into a 30-minute package analyzing one or two of the day’s biggest news stories. The stories will be produced by the same team that currently produces the podcast.

The Times will get paid a cut of fees paid by underwriters for the program, according to sources.

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