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Hulu is growing. By how much? Good question.

The video site’s future is up in the air, again. Meanwhile, some numbers, with some caveats.

Elizabeth Moss in “The Handmaid’s Tale” Hulu

Hulu, the video site owned by big media companies, seems to always be going through a transition phase: Sometimes the big media guys love it. Other times they want to sell it — and then change their mind.

Now Hulu looks like it is headed for another change: If the Disney-Fox deal goes through, Disney will own a two-thirds stake in the business, and Disney CEO Bob Iger says Hulu will play a big role in his company’s future. (Though some industry observers think Comcast*, which owns a third of Hulu, will end up controlling it, perhaps because regulators will force Disney to sell it, and/or because it will be more important to Comcast’s digital plans than Disney’s.)

Anyway. How’s Hulu doing for now? Hard to tell: The company used to provide quarterly updates under former CEO Jason Kilar, but stopped doing that a while ago.

Today, though, it is showing a bit more leg: The company says it has 17 million subscribers, up from 12 million in 2016.

Make that a tiny bit of leg, because that stat comes with two big caveats:

So this chart is useful, but also misleading. Enjoy it with chunks of salt.

Context: Netflix told Wall Street it expects to add at least 4.6 million domestic subscribers in 2017, which would give it some 52 million subs in the U.S.

* Comcast is a minority investor in Vox Media, which owns this site.

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