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Watch Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s CES keynote

Think he will bring up the fact that he sold shares after security flaws were found in Intel’s chips?

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Justin Sullivan / Getty

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is still under scrutiny after it was discovered that he had sold hundreds of thousands of his shares after the company found out about major security flaws in its chips.

The company has said the trades were part of a predetermined stock sale plan common among chief executives, but the timing of that planned program is still odd.

That’s just one reason it should be interesting to watch his keynote from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Monday.

It’s pretty unlikely that Krzanich would willingly bring up his purge of the shares (estimated at $25 million). We’ll be watching to see how he positions himself both as Intel’s CEO (for now), given that his company is still trying to fix the massive flaws found in its chips.

Watch the entire keynote below:

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