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Read all 539 pages of the FCC’s final order repealing net neutrality

It’s long!

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai sits in front of the Federal Communications Commission plaque Alex Wong / Getty

Roughly a month after the Federal Communications Commission voted to scrap the U.S. government’s net neutrality rules, the agency has released the full, final text of its repeal.

Generally, it’s the same as the plan that Republican Chairman Ajit Pai unveiled in the weeks before the vote: It terminates FCC rules requiring internet providers to treat all web traffic equally, while shifting enforcement of the open web to another federal agency.

But the Thursday evening release is just a necessary next step. From here, the agency still must publish the text of the repeal in a government document, known as the Federal Register. That move officially opens the doors for net neutrality’s fiercest advocates to file lawsuits challenging the FCC.

It also gives us a lot more to read — as in 539 pages (which you can read in full below). Pai and his fellow Republican commissioners — Michael O’Rielly and Brendan Carr — also released fuller statements explaining their votes, as did their Democratic counterparts — Jessica Rosenworcel and Mignon Clyburn — who opposed the repeal.

FCC-17-166A1 by Recode on Scribd

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