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Twitter is selling a new kind of ad: Sponsored Moments

New ads mean new revenue.

A screenshot of Twitter’s Moments page
Twitter’s Moments page

More ads are coming to Twitter.

The company is selling a new type of ad: Sponsored Moments, which are collections of tweets packaged around a specific event or theme, like the Oscars.

Paying to “sponsor” a moment means advertisers can add promoted tweets to the collection, and even add their branding on a title page for the Moment. Here’s an example, in which Bank of America sponsored Bloomberg’s collection of tweets about Davos.


The new ads matter for a couple of reasons. More ads means more money for Twitter, of course. In this case, more ads could also mean more money for Twitter partners, like Bloomberg. These deals involve some kind of revenue split, though a Twitter spokesperson declined to share details. Regardless, that means Bloomberg made money by creating tweets about its Davos coverage, which should incentivize them (and other partners) to use Moments more often.

A few other points worth noting.

  • We don’t know how many people actually use Moments, so it’s tough to know what the total business opportunity is here.
  • Not all Moments will include ads. The sponsorships are only available for a list of “premium publishers” that work with Twitter, a group of around 200 organizations that include TV networks and sports leagues. Right now, each deal is negotiated separately among publishers, advertisers and Twitter.

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