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Liza Landsman had been elevated to the top role one year ago. president Liza Landsman speaks onstage with Fortune’s Beth Kowitt
Liza Landsman (left) onstage with Beth Kowitt
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for Fortune
Jason Del Rey has been a business journalist for 15 years and has covered Amazon, Walmart, and the e-commerce industry for the last decade. He was a senior correspondent at Vox.

Liza Landsman, president of the e-commerce site that Walmart acquired for $3 billion in late 2016, is leaving the company just a little more than a year after she was elevated to her current role, multiple sources told Recode.

Landsman first joined in March of 2015 in the role of chief customer officer, that saw her oversee the company’s aggressive marketing strategy in addition to its analytics and branding functions.

A year ago, a few months after Walmart’s $3.3 billion acquisition of Jet had closed, Landsman was named president of after Jet founder Marc Lore moved up to a role overseeing all of Walmart’s e-commerce operations in the U.S.

But Landsman is now leaving for a new role at another company, which she saw as too good to pass up, according to a person familiar with the decision. Her new role could not be learned.

Landsman is also said to have been looking for a change after three years of working at the frenetic pace of one of the fastest-moving young e-commerce companies. She is expected to depart Jet in the next two months or so. Landsman previously held the chief marketing officer role at E-Trade.

When Walmart completed its blockbuster acquisition of Jet in late 2016, the deal was seen across the industry as being as much about bringing on Lore and his well-regarded executive team as it was about buying the online megastore, which was only about one year old.

Since then, Lore and several of his top executives have taken on roles across Walmart’s broader portfolio of sites, which has grown to include, Moosejaw, ModCloth and Bonobos.

Another, Jet co-founder and former chief technology officer Mike Hanrahan, is overseeing an initiative called Project Kepler to build a competitor to Amazon’s cashierless Amazon Go store, Recode previously reported.

It is not clear how Walmart will replace Landsman. sells a wide assortment of goods, from electronics to toys to home goods to groceries. The site created an innovative model that rewards customers with discounts when they take actions such as buying multiple units of the same item or forfeiting their right to return an order.

Update: A spokesperson confirmed that Landsman will be leaving “in the coming months,” but declined to provide any other details.

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