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One of Snapchat’s top product execs, Tom Conrad, is leaving the company

Conrad joined Snap almost two years ago from Pandora.

Tom Conrad when he was Pandora CTO, onstage at an awards ceremony Brad Barket / Getty

Snapchat’s VP of Product, Tom Conrad, is leaving the company in March.

Conrad, who joined Snap almost two years ago, oversees Snap’s product teams, and his departure doesn’t come at an ideal time considering Snap is in the midst of rolling out a big redesign.

But it’s also tough to say exactly how much Conrad’s departure will impact the company’s product long-term. CEO Evan Spiegel is very much the product visionary and decision maker at the company, with Conrad’s role historically being more about executing the vision Spiegel set, according to multiple sources.

Jacob Andreou, Snap’s growth director and a former designer at the company, will take over Conrad’s role, though his title hasn’t been set, according to TechCrunch, which first reported the news. Conrad told TechCrunch he plans to step away from the tech industry entirely, at least for a while.

Conrad’s departure is the latest in a string of important executive exits from Snapchat. Two of Spiegel’s closest confidantes, general counsel Chris Handman and head of engineering Tim Sehn, both left in the back half of 2017. Timehop founder Jonathan Wegener also left.

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