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Watch ‘Saturday Night Live’ parody Jeff Bezos’s search for Amazon’s HQ2

“Alexa, send in the next city.”

Screenshot of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”

Earlier this week, Amazon announced the 20 cities in North America that the company was still considering to be the home of its second headquarters. Among them were Newark, NJ; Boston, Mass.; Pittsburgh, Penn.; and Atlanta, Ga.

With the promise of 50,000 new jobs and $5 billion in spending, cities have clamored to persuade Amazon to bring its new headquarters there. The company received a total of 238 proposals from various cities and districts across North America.

But this kind of “Hunger Games,” very public manner of seeking a city for a second headquarters was bound to get the “Saturday Night Live” treatment at some point. And it’s finally here. In a new skit — featuring Amazon CEO “Jeff Bezos,” “Sen. Cory Booker,” “Paula Dean” and, of course, Alexa — SNL brought us behind the scenes of the pitches for some of the final cities.

Watch the full, cringeworthy segment here:

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