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Photos: Here’s what the new Amazon Go cashierless convenience store looks like

It’s the store of the future.

Amazon is getting into more brick-and-mortar stores. While the retail giant purchased Whole Foods last year, Amazon had previously opened up a convenience store for employees under its own brand in Seattle in 2016.

Amazon Go was supposed to be a cashierless, checkout-line-free store to help get people in and out faster — a convenience store of the future. But while Amazon employees have been able to use the store for the past year or so, it had failed to open to the public. Until now.

Recode Senior Editor Jason Del Rey recently got a look at the store, which is located at the bottom of Amazon’s main office tower in Seattle, before it opens to the public on Monday, Jan. 22. Let’s take a look.

You scan a special Amazon Go app on the way in to get access to the store. On the way out, you just walk out — no scanning.

A shopper scans her phone to enter the new Amazon Go convenience store in Seattle. Jason Del Rey
Inside Amazon’s cashier-less Amazon Go store in Seattle. Jason Del Rey for Recode

Amazon Go has food for all day parts: breakfast, lunch and dinner. One dinner option is meal kits that are exclusive to Amazon.

Jason Del Rey
Jason Del Rey

Jason Del Rey

Jason Del Rey

While the Amazon Go store is cashierless, there will be a worker checking IDs in the wine and beer section. So don’t get any ideas.

Jason Del Rey

See those black squares on the ceiling? Those are cameras and they are all over the store.

The inside of Amazon’s new Go convenience store in Seattle Jason Del Rey for Recode

This might be an Amazon Go store, but Amazon isn’t wasting an opportunity to feature the Whole Foods 365 brand.

Jason Del Rey

Surprisingly, some of Amazon’s other private labels — like Wickedly Prime — do not have special placement on the shelves.

Jason Del Rey

No grocery would be complete without LaCroix sparkling water. One thing to note: The out-of-stock Pamplemousse LaCroix. The head of Amazon Prime Now told Recode recently that it is one of the most popular Prime Now orders in Seattle.

Jason Del Rey
Jason Del Rey

So a reminder: If you live in Seattle (or feel like traveling), the cashierless Amazon Go store opens to the public on Monday, Jan. 22.

Jason Del Rey

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