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Tech moms: Recode wants to hear from you

What’s it like to be a new mom working in tech?

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Rani Molla is a senior correspondent at Vox and has been focusing her reporting on the future of work. She has covered business and technology for more than a decade — often in charts — including at Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

Are you a new mom who has recently returned to work in tech? We want to hear from you to get a better sense of what tech companies are doing right — and wrong — when it comes to retaining women.

The situation: There’s no federal law requiring paid maternity leave (for any job). But regardless of where you live, employers are required to provide time and space — other than a bathroom — for breastfeeding mothers to pump during the work day.

The quality and availability of those rooms can vary greatly. And there are also no guarantees that you’ll have the flexibility to work from home or have child care options at work.

The takeaway? Your experience as a new mom returning to work in tech is highly dependent on where you work and whether your company is taking steps to retain its female workers. We’re asking big tech companies what accommodations they offer new mothers when they return to work, but we want to hear directly from you.

Please take a few minutes from your busy schedule to complete this survey about your experiences when you returned to your tech job re: maternity leave, lactation rooms and child care.

Update: We are no loner accepting responses.

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