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Recode Daily: The day the lights went out in Vegas

Plus, Domino’s Pizza’s stock price grew even faster than Netflix’s, going cold-turkey on ride-hailing apps, and the rural Amish town that makes high-tech stages for superstars.

Conference-goers at CES used flashlights to find their way through the convention center when the power went out.
Heavy rainfall in Las Vegas caused a two-hour power outage at CES, the most plugged-in trade show.
Nat Levy / Twitter

The power went out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday, leaving the cavernous main showrooms and hallways in the dark for nearly two hours and disrupting planned demos and meetings. Some of the thousands of technorati gathered for the most plugged-in trade show were reduced to using light from phones and windows. Next year’s big thing: Batteries and generators. [Dami Lee / The Verge]

YouTube has punished video star Logan Paul, who recently published a clip that appeared to show the body of a man who had comitted suicide. Paul will be removed from YouTube’s “preferred” program for advertisers, and YouTube won’t pay him to make videos for its YouTube Red subscription service. [Julia Alexander / Polygon]

Journalist Moira Donegan says she created the “Shxxxy Media Men” list, which allowed women to anonymously accuse men of sexual misconduct. Donegan unmasked herself in advance of a controversial Harper’s article about the list: “I don’t know what kind of future awaits me now that I’ve stopped hiding.” [The Cut]

Netflix and Amazon have joined Disney, Warner Bros. and other major movie studies that are suing Dragon Box, alleging that its $350 streaming box facilitates piracy by making it easy to access illegal streams of movies and TV shows. The studios filed a similar complaint in October against TickBox, another device that enables users to watch streaming content for free. [Gene Madeus / Variety]

Domino’s Pizza’s stock price grew faster than Amazon’s, Apple’s or Google’s under its departing CEO. When Patrick Doyle took over as CEO in 2010, the massive pizza chain was basically in shambles. Eight years later, he’s stepping down after presiding over one of the most impressive turnaround stories in modern business history. [Jason Del Rey / Recode]

Health care just became the largest employer in the U.S., surpassing manufacturing and retail for the first time in history. The two fastest-growing occupations — personal-care aides and home-health aides — are projected to account for one in every 10 new jobs in the next decade, and the entire health-care sector is projected to account for a third of all new employment. [Derek Thompson / The Atlantic]

Here’s why a New York Times tech reporter weaned himself from ride-hailing apps.[Mike Isaac / The New York Times]

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This is cool

Inside the rural Amish town that builds high-tech stages for U2, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift’s live shows.

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