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Domino’s Pizza’s stock price grew faster than Amazon’s, Apple’s or Google’s under its departing CEO

CEO Patrick Doyle will leave behind quite the legacy when he departs in June.

A Domino’s Pizza worker carries a stack of Domino’s Pizza boxes through the kitchen while another worker makes a pizza. Joe Raedle / Getty

When Patrick Doyle took over as CEO of Domino’s Pizza in 2010, the massive pizza chain was basically in shambles.

Eight years later, Doyle is stepping down after presiding over one of the most impressive turnaround stories in modern business history.

On Doyle’s watch, the company executed on completely overhauling its pizza recipe and the rest of its menu; won over the digital generation with its online ordering system that works great and is actually a little bit of fun; and developed a cult following among the type of people who would have at some point been embarrassed to admit they were Domino’s patrons. Basically, the ultimate on-demand startup.

It also made its shareholders lots and lots of money.

Here’s a look at the stock price growth of Domino’s Pizza under Doyle compared with the FAANG stocks of the tech industry during that timeframe: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google/Alphabet.

Yes, you are reading that right: Domino’s stock price has grown more than 1,300 percent. Only Netflix’s has increased faster.

And here’s a look at how Domino’s stock performance has dominated other publicly traded pizza industry competitors, as well as McDonald’s and Burger King’s parent company Restaurant Brands International. Yum Brands is the parent company of Pizza Hut.

Quite the legacy.

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