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The latest satellite imagery shows Hurricane Irma barreling toward Florida

Currently it’s a category 4 hurricane but it’s expected to strengthen.

Satellite image of Hurricane Irma
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The latest satellite imagery this morning shows Hurricane Irma barreling toward Florida. These satellite images come from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s most advanced weather satellite called, GOES-16.

Hurricane Irma is currently pummeling the north coast of Cuba as a category 4 storm but is expected to strengthen as it leaves Cuba, according to the National Hurricane Center’s latest dispatch.

The hurricane is likely to make landfall in Florida Sunday. 5.6 million people in the state — over a quarter of its population — have been asked to evacuate.

Here’s an infrared image from GOES-16 taken this morning that shows the storm in context of the wider U.S.

Hurricane Irma on the north coast of Cuba headed toward Florida NOAA/NASA

Here’s Irma’s likely path and timing:

Hurricane Irma’s path and timing

This GIF shows the path of potential hurricane-force wind speeds:

Hurricane Irma wind speed possibilities NOAA

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