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U.S. college students can now buy a Spotify/Hulu bundle for $5 a month

That would normally cost at least $13 a month. It may also be a new business model for Spotify.

Gucci Mane wears dark glasses and sings into a wireless mic onstage at a Spotify-sponsored concert.
Gucci Mane onstage at a Spotify-sponsored concert in August
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Spotify
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Buy a Spotify subscription, get a Hulu subscription for free.

That’s the offer from Hulu and Spotify, who are teaming up on a promotion where some U.S. college students can now get monthly subscriptions to both services for a total of $5 a month.

That’s a significant discount, as Spotify’s “Premium for Students” service normally costs $5, and Hulu’s basic ad-supported service costs $8 a month.

Both services have worked with other companies to bundle their offerings before: Hulu, for instance, will sell you a subscription to Showtime, and the New York Times will give new digital subscribers a year of Spotify for free.

Subscription video giveaways aren’t new, either: Yesterday, T-Mobile said it would give away Netflix subscriptions to wireless customers who paid it at least $80 a month.

What’s interesting about this one is that it’s the first time Spotify has bundled a video subscription with its own service, because it points to a possible template: While Spotify has tried, without success, to launch its own video offering, there are plenty of people who think it could do a good job marketing other people’s video services to the 60 million people who are already paying for Spotify subscriptions.

And that model — high-margin, very scalable, doesn’t involve haggling with content owners for rights — could be very useful to have up and running when Spotify goes public, which could happen by the end of the year.

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