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Recode Daily: Trump dumps the Dreamers and angers Silicon Valley

Plus, the new Uber CEO’s first day, the Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal pitching signals, and inside Apple’s top-secret exercise laboratory.

Immigration rights demonstrators march from the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Trump Hotel and the Justice Department to oppose President Trump's decision to end the DACA program for “Dreamers' on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017. Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call / Getty Images

As expected, President Trump announced the end of DACA — the Dreamers Act — kicking it to Congress to salvage it by March 2018. Here’s who will be affected by the decision — and when. Many tech companies immediately voiced their disappointment, including Microsoft, which in a strong rebuke to Trump, offered to pay legal fees to fight employee deportation. Investor and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs bought TV ads invoking Republican deity Ronald Reagan to attack Trump’s decision. [Tony Romm / Recode]

Yesterday was new Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi’s first day on the job, and CNBC staked out the front door of Uber HQ trying to catch a glimpse. Here’s Recode’s list of what Khosrowshahi needs to fix first. [Deirdre Bosa / CNBC]

The Boston Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal pitching signals during baseball games, including against the New York Yankees. An investigation by MLB found that a member of the Red Sox training staff used the smartwatch to receive information that helped the team’s players decipher hand signals used by the opposing team’s catcher. Smartphones are banned during games, and while the league worked with Apple to bring iPad Pros into the dugout last year, they disabled the tablet’s internet capabilities. [Sean O’Kane / The Verge]

Take a look around Apple’s invite-only secret exercise lab in Cupertino, where Apple Watch-wearing employees work out on machines as exercise physiologists and medical personnel monitor data. The human performance facility includes a group-fitness studio, an endless swimming pool and chambers that mimic climate conditions from Arctic to Saharan; Apple has logged 33,000 sessions with over 66,000 hours of data, involving more than 10,000 unique participants. [Ben Court / Men’s Health]

Russia opened its first criminal case involving bitcoin, after Russian police arrested three men for illegally trading 500 million rubles worth — around $9 million — of the cryptocurrency. On one hand, the Russian government wants to show that bitcoin and its ilk will not be tolerated as a money-laundering mechanism, but it also wants to welcome the emerging financial technology. [Kenneth Rapoza / Forbes]

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