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Filed under: is launching a grocery brand for ‘metro millennials’

It’s called Uniquely J. And Jet thinks it’s lit.

People walk past a company logo inside’s Hoboken, N.J. headquarters.
Inside’s Hoboken, N.J. headquarters
Jason Del Rey has been a business journalist for 15 years and has covered Amazon, Walmart, and the e-commerce industry for the last decade. He was a senior correspondent at Vox. is the latest e-commerce marketplace to enter the private-label space, with plans to introduce a new brand of grocery and household items geared toward “metro millennials,” the company said on Thursday evening.

A box of Uniquely J coffee pods
A box of Uniquely J coffee pods

The brand, Uniquely J, will launch in the next few months, the company said, and will feature nonperishable grocery items like olive oil and coffee pods as well as packaged goods like laundry detergent and paper towels.

Retailers have created so-called store brands forever, but these types of products have been going through a renaissance over the past decade as the millennial generation has shown a greater willingness to try out new brands. Amazon, for example, has created a host of its own brands in recent years across categories, including its Wickedly Prime line of snacks.

Since Walmart bought a year ago, the parent company has positioned the acquisition as a way to reach a younger customer base living in big cities. The new brand is supposed to appeal to that demographic.

The New York Post first reported news of the upcoming launch.

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