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Uber’s external affairs head Dave Clark is departing

He’ll remain an adviser at Uber and also do the same for Kitty Hawk and Expa.

former Uber external affairs head Dave Clark
Dave Clark

Dave Clark, who has headed external affairs for Uber for several years, is leaving his job, although he will remain an adviser to the car-hailing company.

Clark confirmed he was departing and added that he would also be advising Uber co-founder Garrett Camp’s Expa startup accelerator and also Kitty Hawk, which is a “flying car” effort backed by Google founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page. There, Clark will help with strategic development (presumably figuring out how to invent a safer Flubber).

At Uber, Clark was part of a tight-knit group of execs close to ousted CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick, although he did not appear to have been as controversial as some, if at all. Still, in a Tatler interview in 2015, Clark was definitely hopped up on the Uber Kool-Aid, as were many in those headier years: “This is the most impressive set of people I have ever come across, so many future leaders of Fortune 500 companies are going to come from Uber.”

Maybe not so much, but it also does not appear that Clark’s leaving is part of any management housecleaning by new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. Sources said the former Expedia CEO — who is a walking definition of adult supervision come to fix the long-troubled Uber — is evaluating current staff and mulling on bringing in new execs before he decides on his leadership team.

Clark worked on a number of efforts at Uber, from dealing with its board, investors and partners to helping with Kalanick’s aggressive international expansion efforts. Before Uber, he spent a decade working at Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceflight company.

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