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Announcing the inaugural Recode 100 — nominate someone today!

Help us celebrate the real winners of 2017.

Who really won 2017? It’s tempting to declare us all equally productive during this bizarre time of refreshing Twitter and wincing, but at Recode we have been watching the tech and business worlds all year and taking notes.

Today, we are announcing a new project: The inaugural Recode 100, our attempt to identify and celebrate the people in tech and business who actually made the biggest impact this year.

And we need your help! Nominations are now open. Click here to nominate someone today. You have until Monday, Oct. 16.

You say you hate lists? But we also know that you love reading lists. So we are making you a very good list. The best list.

To be clear: The Recode 100 is not your typical “power ranking” where a few editors sit in a conference room, stroking their chins and trying to remember who they had lunch with this year.

The Recode 100 is different because we are selecting the winners with the assistance of a group that actually knows what they’re talking about: Your peers.

That’s the Recode 100 Advisory Team, which will help vet your submissions and rank the winners. Our inaugural council of 20 includes Troy Carter, the legendary talent manager and founder of Atom Factory; Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code; Andy Rubin, the founder of Essential and creator of Android; and Megan Quinn, a partner at Spark Capital.

Our goal is to find the people who kicked the most ass in 2017 — the leaders, movement-starters, engineers, negotiators and creatives who have been the most productive and innovative in the industries we cover — primarily in tech, media and commerce, but also some of our new focus areas like transportation, policy and robotics.

If we’re successful, the Recode 100 will seem equally obvious and surprising. Many of the names you will know. Many you will not. One of them might be your boss. You should be proud of her.

We’ll celebrate the winners at the inaugural Recode 100 party on Dec. 6 in San Francisco. It will be a blast. More details to follow.

For now, we need your nominations. Know someone who deserves to be honored for their achievements this year? Especially if it’s someone who isn’t widely known or hasn’t been properly recognized? Please fill out this nomination form with as much information as possible. The form is open until Monday, Oct. 16 at 10 am ET.

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