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Twitter is adding another former Google executive to its board: Patrick Pichette

Hugh Johnston, Pepsi’s CFO, is leaving Twitter’s board.

Former Google CFO Patrick Pichette
Former Google CFO Patrick Pichette
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Twitter has added another longtime Google executive to its board of directors: Patrick Pichette, who served as Google’s CFO from 2008 until summer of 2015.

Pichette will replace Hugh Johnston, the CFO of Pepsi, who joined Twitter’s board just a little over a year ago. According to a Twitter press release, Johnston has taken a board seat at Microsoft.

Patrick Pichette

Pichette is now the second well-known Google exec to take a seat on Twitter’s board. Twitter chairman Omid Kordestani was the search giant’s longtime business boss before he joined Twitter’s board as chairman two years ago.

Bringing on Pichette adds a certain level of intrigue to Twitter’s future. Google has long been viewed as a crowd favorite to one day acquire Twitter. Now the social company has two of the search giant’s former execs advising the CEO and sitting on the board.

Pichette’s term will begin on Dec. 1, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Update: Many on Twitter were quick to point out that Pichette, who just joined the service in February, has never tweeted. Which some may find odd, considering that he’s now going to be advising the company.

Patrick Pichette’s clean Twitter profile.

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