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Watch as streaming TV services are increasingly winning the top Emmys

Beware of a new kind of Big Three.

Elizabeth Moss in “The Handmaid’s Tale” Hulu
Rani Molla is a senior correspondent at Vox and has been focusing her reporting on the future of work. She has covered business and technology for more than a decade — often in charts — including at Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

When Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” won an Emmy last night for outstanding television drama, it wasn’t just a win for Hulu, which distributes the show, but a win for streaming TV more broadly.

Streaming services Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have been pouring money into original programming in recent years and their investments are paying off, as evidenced by their spate of Emmys.

To illustrate, we took a look at Emmy winners since 2010 for outstanding series, actress, actor and direction in both comedy and drama categories. This year, Hulu’s dystopian “The Handmaid’s Tale” took home Emmys for leading actress Elizabeth Moss and director Reed Morano in addition to being the winning drama series — firsts for the streaming company. Netflix’s “House of Cards” was the first streaming company to win an Emmy for direction in 2013. Amazon’s “Transparent” won Emmys for both lead actor and direction in 2015 and 2016.

Chart of top Emmy winners since 2010

These streaming companies have also swarmed other awards not included in the chart above. Lena Waithe and Aziz Ansari from Netflix’s “Master of None” won in the comedy writing category this year, for example. In total, streaming companies picked up 32 Emmys this year (HBO took home 29).

These awards should scare the traditional “Big Three” TV networks CBS, ABC and NBC, which have seen viewership decline, in part as consumers cut the cord and find entertainment over the internet — including through Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

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