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Full video: Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos, from Code Commerce

Dunn discusses running a group of digital-first brands.

Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn sits on stage at Code Commerce 2017. Keith MacDonald

Andy Dunn, Bonobos CEO and SVP of Digital Consumer Brands at Walmart, talked with Recode’s Jason Del Rey on Wednesday at Code Commerce.

When Dunn co-founded Bonobos in 2007, the idea of digitally native vertical brands didn’t really exist.

Dunn has since extended the Bonobos brand into the brick-and-mortar world with more than 30 showrooms where customers can try on clothes and order them for home delivery. After selling Bonobos to Walmart for $310 million, Dunn has a new purview: Running a group of digital-first brands with cult followings — Bonobos and ModCloth — under the umbrella of a new corporate owner whose brand doesn’t appeal to the same shoppers.

Watch Dunn’s full interview below.

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