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Full video: Matt Zeiler of Clarifai at Code Commerce

Zeiler, the CEO of Clarifai, talks about how to apply AI and machine learning to retail.

Clarifai CEO Matt Zeiler onstage at Code Commerce Keith MacDonald

Matt Zeiler is the CEO of a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize and identify different videos and images.

While there are a lot of uses for image recognition — you’ve probably most recently interacted with facial recognition, for instance, on Facebook — Zeiler said online retail stands to benefit significantly from using AI.

“You have to be thinking about it in your business,” Zeiler said at Recode’s Code Commerce event in New York. “This is going to change every interaction with your customers.”

Specifically, Zeiler said, product recommendations can become much more specific and attune to customers’ tastes. Today, Clarifai works with clients like West Elm, which has partnered with Pinterest to allow its customers to find furniture that most closely matches pictures that they’ve pinned to their boards.

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