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Theory doesn’t think Amazon is ‘that serious’ about fashion — yet

“Fashion sort of looks good to them,” says Theory head Andrew Rosen.

Theory founder Andrew Rosen onstage at Code Commerce 2017
Theory founder Andrew Rosen
Keith MacDonald

A fashion company that sells on Amazon, Theory, says it doesn’t think Amazon itself is too much of a direct threat on the platform.

“I think fashion sort of looks good to them,” said Andrew Rosen, the head of the fashion retailer Theory. “But I don’t think they’re really that serious about it.”

Rosen was speaking alongside Yael Aflalo, the head of the e-commerce seller Reformation, at Code Commerce in New York. Amazon frequently touts Theory as a brand, and Theory sells wholesale through the site — though it also has more than 500 individual stores.

Update: A PR rep for Theory followed up to add Rosen was referring to the fact that Amazon takes a long time to test and that it could eventually take a deep interest in fashion.

Amazon’s play in apparel has largely centered on basics, though recently they’ve accelerated their push into designer fashion through programs like Prime Wardrobe. Higher-end fashion designers now have to determine how their brand might mesh with clothing made by a massive company like Amazon.

Aflalo said the giant’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods spoke more to their ambitions than any other new fashion program, though.

“I’m not going to put anything past Amazon,” said Aflalo, later adding: “Groceries is the move for them.”

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