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Here’s what Apple’s $1,000 iPhone X will cost you per month

Who’s going to buy a $1,000 phone? You might, for $50 a month.

Apple Holds Product Launch Event At New Campus In Cupertino Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple’s new iPhone X starts at $1,000 — technically $999. Who’s going to buy a $1,000 phone?

You might. Especially when you realize that you’re unlikely to pay $1,000 all at once. Either Apple or your wireless carrier will let you buy the phone in a monthly installment plan.

So that $1,000 iPhone X — that’s for a 64-gigabyte model — will end up costing you $49.91 a month if you finance your phone via Apple’s upgrade program. You’ll end up paying more than that, of course, once you factor in a wireless plan, which you’ll have to purchase separately from a carrier.

Price ranges for new iPhone X and iPhone 8

If you finance your phone via your carrier, you should end up with a similar bill. Here’s a look at what various Apple iPhone models will cost you via Apple’s in-house financing program. A new base-level iPhone 7 will now go for $22.88 a month. And a top-of-the-line iPhone X will cost you $1,149, or $56.16 a month.

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