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Recode Daily: Are you ready for the Apple avalanche?

Plus, U.S. senators want answers from Equifax, Sam Biddle wants answers from Mark Zuckerberg, and Hemingway’s cats are safe.

A life-size silicone sculpture of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is seen in an Apple Store display window in China.
A life-size silicone sculpture of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is seen at an Apple Store on Sept. 4, 2017, in Chengdu, SIchuan Province of China.
VCG / VCG via Getty Images

Are you ready for todays Apple avalanche? Apple unveils new hardware and software this morning at the first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater on its brand-new Apple Park campus in Cupertino. Here’s how to watch it live and what to look for. [Dan Frommer / Recode]

Two key U.S. senators are demanding that Equifax answer detailed questions about a data breach affecting up to 143 million Americans. Sen. Orrin Hatch, who chairs the Finance Committee, and ranking Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden also demanded that Equifax CEO Rick Smith provide a timeline of the exploit and its discovery. More than two dozen federal lawsuits have been filed against the company; according to AppAnnie, Equifax’s mobile app was removed from both the iOS and Google Play app stores on the same day it announced the massive security breach. [Reuters]

Why did three sites pass on a story about an Amazon exec before it landed at subscription-based site The Information? Kim Masters reported that Roy Price, who heads up Amazon’s Hollywood efforts, was accused of making sexual remarks to a producer who works on a high-profile Amazon show. Were publishers wary of an anti-media sentiment that has accompanied Donald Trump’s election? Or was it the chilling example of Gawker Media? [Peter Kafka / Recode]

Philanthropist Melinda Gates asked four investors to suggest steps that companies, VCs and decision makers can take to close the gender gap in venture capital. Kathryn Minshew, Theresia Gouw, Jennifer Fonstad and Reid Hoffman stepped up to the plate in Gates’s essay. “We need more funding for women-led VC funds and early-stage companies,” Gates writes. “I’m putting my money where my mouth is on this one.” [Melinda Gates / Recode]

Facebook has admitted publicly that part of its advertising revenue includes what appears to be politically motivated fraud undertaken by a shady Russian company. But it still won’t answer many of the most important questions. Sam Biddle says, “Make Mark Zuckerberg testify.” [Sam Biddle / The Intercept]

General Motors is starting to build fully autonomous electric cars. In other words, once the software is ready — perhaps within months — its third-generation Chevy Bolt EVs will be able to operate themselves completely without a driver. What sets GM apart from the other companies trying to build self-driving cars is its production capability to manufacture them at scale. [Johana Bhuiyan / Recode]

Coming to an internet connection near you: A new $20 skinny bundle TV service with content from Viacom, AMC, Discovery and other networks. Not included: Any network that includes sports. [Amol Sharma / The Wall Street Journal]

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This is cool

Dolphins, flamingos and pigs, along with hundreds of household pets, were among the many animals rescued from Hurricane Irma. And 54 cats — many of them descended from a six-toed white cat owned by author Ernest Hemingway — survived the storm at the writer’s house-turned-museum in Key West, Fla.

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