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Watch Recode’s full interview with David Perpich, The Wirecutter and Ben Kaufman, BuzzFeed

Perpich and Kaufman discuss how digital media companies can make money in e-commerce.

David Perpich of The Wirecutter and Ben Kaufman of BuzzFeed
David Perpich (left), president and general manager of The Wirecutter, and Ben Kaufman, head of BuzzFeed’s Product Labs, will speak at Code Commerice.

Media companies are trying to figure out ways to make more money online. Recode will be live at Code Commerce in New York with two people who are working on this. Ben Kaufman is the head of BuzzFeed’s Product Labs, a division focused on driving social commerce. He spearheaded the creation of BuzzFeed’s “Tasty: The Cookbook,” home decor product line Homesick Candles and more.

David Perpich was named president and general manager of The Wirecutter in 2017. In this role, he leads all aspects of the business and editorial operations of the product-recommendation site, which was acquired by the New York Times Company in October 2016.

Watch the full interview on YouTube below. Follow Recode’s coverage on Twitter and Facebook.

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