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Uber is the most valuable U.S. startup, with Airbnb and WeWork following far behind it

Airbnb and WeWork are a distant second and third.

Benchmark and SoftBank have been publicly negotiating an Uber deal that could let Benchmark pocket some of the cash it has made from Uber, and allow SoftBank to invest in the ride-hailing giant.

The conversation has led to a discussion of Uber’s valuation. Uber investor Benchmark foresees it going as high as $100 billion — though, of course, it would have incentive to say that.

For context, here’s a look at the 10 most valuable venture-backed U.S. startups — with Uber sitting squarely on top, according to the most recent PitchBook data:

Airbnb and WeWork, the next-most valuable U.S. startups, are distant competitors, valued at $31 billion and $21 billion, respectively.

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