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Eugene Wei, who ran video for Facebook’s Oculus project, has left the company

He was there for a year and a half.

A woman wearing an Oculus Facebook virtual reality headset and holding controllers in her hands Justin Sullivan / Getty

Eugene Wei, who ran the video group for Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality unit, has left the company.

Wei, who joined Oculus in November 2015, left the company last month. He disclosed the move on his personal blog; I’ve asked him and Facebook for additional comment.

At Oculus, Wei was in charge of getting creators to provide VR content for the hardware, which now retails for $400, following two price cuts.

In general, virtual reality headsets haven’t been embraced by mainstream consumers, despite an initial round of hype and investment. Now some tech heavyweights, including Apple, are pushing for “augmented” or “mixed” reality technology, which doesn’t necessarily require dedicated hardware.

Wei had previously run product at Flipboard and Hulu; he also spent several years at Amazon.

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