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Recode Daily: Amazon Prime Wireless?

Plus: Why Google’s new AI lab is in Canada, and Nevada’s first four days of legal marijuana sales generated $3 million in sales.

Essence Vegas CEO Armen Yemenidjian (L) high-fives an employee at Essence Vegas Cannabis Dispensary as they get ready for the midnight start of recreational marijuana sales on June 30, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Amazon has discussed a possible partnership with Dish Network to help finance a new mobile network, according to the Wall Street Journal. The network could potentially power things like Amazon delivery drones or even an inexpensive Prime wireless service. No deal is imminent. [Shalini Ramachandran, Laura Stevens and Ryan Knutson / WSJ]

DeepMind, Google’s London-based artificial intelligence research branch, is launching its first research facility at the University of Alberta in Canada. Some academics fear that the brain drain from big tech companies is making it harder to train the next generation of researchers. [Tess Townsend / Recode]

Female entrepreneurs offer their ideas about how the venture capital industry can fix its sexual harassment problem by moving beyond pledges and tweets to zero-tolerance policies, codifying expectations and transparency. [Erin Griffith / Fortune]

Volvo will only make fully electric or hybrid cars, beginning in 2019. “This announcement marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car,” said Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of the Chinese-owned Swedish automaker, which sold half a million cars last year, compared to Tesla’s 76,000. [Krishnadev Calamur / The Atlantic]

Chinese internet giant Tencent has imposed daily limits to curb mobile game addiction among minors. The game in question is the top-grossing Honor of Kings, which has 200 million users; players under the age of 12 are limited to one hour of playing per day, and are blocked from the game after 9 pm. [Amar Too / The Verge]

Saturday was the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales in Nevada, and during the first four days, the state generated $3 million in sales and just under $1 million in tax revenue, putting Nevada on pace to hit an estimated $30 million in sales revenue over the next six months. [Chris Kudalis / Las Vegas Sun]

Top stories from Recode

More than 1,000 income-subsidized housing units in San Francisco are getting free gigabit internet.

Not everyone in the tech capital of the world has access to internet.

Sephora will carry Tristan Walker’s new haircare line, Form.

Walker says the new Form products are “steeped in science,” and will work for a range of hair textures — not just straight, for example.

Ohio is now the fifth U.S. state to permit delivery robots on sidewalks.

Starship Technologies helped to pass the Ohio law.

As podcast analytics get better, who wins and who loses?

Apple is going to start sharing more data about podcasts with their creators. Hot Pod’s Nick Quah breaks down what that means on Recode Media.

This is cool

The over-convenience store

Like a 7-Eleven crossed with a driverless tractor-trailer, the Moby Mart is an autonomous mobile supermarket that eliminates the late-night tradition of making a run to the corner store for junk food — instead, the store comes to you, thanks to an Uber-like mobile app. A prototype is already up and running in Shanghai. [Glenn McDonald / NPR]

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