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Stranger Things season 2: the first full trailer delivers a “Thriller” night

Aja Romano writes about pop culture, media, and ethics. Before joining Vox in 2016, they were a staff reporter at the Daily Dot. A 2019 fellow of the National Critics Institute, they’re considered an authority on fandom, the internet, and the culture wars.

Stranger Things graced fans at Comic-Con’s massive Hall H on Saturday evening with the reveal of its full trailer for season two.

The trailer centers on Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and the odd things that have been happening to him since he was returned to his family and the town of Hawkins, Indiana. We already knew Will was going to have a major role to play in the second season, but the new full trailer gives us an idea of just how important he’ll be as he deals with a series of visions of monsters and Lovecraftian cosmic horrors. Meanwhile Mike (Finn Wolfhard) is still trying to find Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who seems to be calling to him from within the Upside Down.

It’s also clear the show will be making the most of its October 27 release date. Featuring snippets of Vincent Price’s famous voice-over narration from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video over footage of decorative gravestones reading “Trick or Treat,” the trailer kills two birds with one stone — giving you that precious ‘80s vibe while reminding you that it’s Halloween. Our favorite ensemble of kids have also gotten their hands on a real-life ghost trap from Ghostbusters, and it seems to be moving. Maybe that’s just a Halloween prank, but this is Stranger Things, so only time will tell.