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Vimeo isn’t launching a new subscription service, but it does have a new CEO

Anjali Sud gets a promotion; Joey Levin goes back to running IAC full time.

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Vimeo has a new boss, after going more than a year without a full-time leader.

Parent company IAC has promoted Anjali Sud, who has been the video company’s general manager, to the CEO spot. She replaces Joey Levin, who had been running Vimeo as an interim manager since June 2016, while also serving as IAC’s CEO.

Sud, who has previously worked at Amazon and Time Warner, has been at Vimeo since 2014.

In a press release, Levin praised Sud’s work building up Vimeo’s core business — selling professional and semi-professional video makers on a paid, upgraded version of its free service. Vimeo charges 800,000 subscribers between $7 and $50 a month.

Left unsaid: The fact that a month ago, Levin pivoted Vimeo out of its plans to launch a consumer subscription service, which was supposed to arrive in 2018, following years of promises to launch.

IAC has yet to explain why it dropped its plans, which Levin had been talking up as recently as its May earnings call.

The best explanation I’ve heard from IAC-adjacent folks: IAC chairman Barry Diller doesn’t really want to spend the money Vimeo would need to spend to create a credible subscription service in an era when everyone is launching a subscription service.

Now it looks like he’s content, or content-ish, keeping the company where it has been.

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