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“Red handed”: Time’s latest cover captures how bad things are for Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. just got his first turn on the cover of Time magazine. The image says it all:

The cover shows a photo of Trump Jr. overlaid with the contents of his own incriminating emails, including the subject line “Re: Russia - Clinton - private and confidential” and, on his lips, the now-infamous phrase “I love it” — his response to an email offering information on behalf of the Russian government.

For months, Trump spokespeople had been focused on downplaying or outright denying any connections the campaign might have had to the Kremlin. Trump Jr.’s emails made that defense impossible to maintain.

And while this isn’t the first Time cover to capture a moment of the Trump era — two celebrated covers during the 2016 campaign proclaimed Trump was in a “meltdown” and then a “total meltdown” before he went on to win the presidency — it’ll be interesting to see if the president reacts to it.

Trump takes Time covers seriously — he’s even posted a fake one featuring his face in many of his golf clubs and offices. In June, Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold began an investigation into a photoshopped image of President Trump on a 2009 cover of Time.

The falsified magazine cover emblazoned with the headline “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” has been on display at four Trump-branded clubs. According to the Post, a spokesperson for Time confirmed that the cover is fake and that Time Inc. has asked the president to remove the copies from his walls.

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