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Donald Trump Jr. is live-tweeting the Comey hearings

But the businesses he runs are totally separate from the White House.

Donald Trump Jr., one of Trump’s three sons, is currently running the Trump Organization network of businesses along with his brother, Eric Trump. According to the Trump family, the Trump Organization is now operating entirely separately from the Trump administration, so there’s no potential for conflicts of interest.

Update: Watch Comey’s testimony live

In other news, businessman Donald Trump Jr. is currently spending the morning watching former FBI Director James Comey testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee and tweeting about it. (The president himself has not tweeted so far.)

In particular, he wants us to know that the time his dad asked the then-FBI director to drop an investigation into his former national security adviser wasn’t at all an effort to interfere with an ongoing investigation.

He also goes after Comey personally.

And praises Marco Rubio.

All part of a normal day in the life of a busy businessman who is in no way involved in politics.